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Establishing themselves as being the market leader in the second hand used tyre market, Used Tyres Australia is one of the largest handler of used second hand tyres currently in the southern hemisphere. Focusing predominantly on the export markets, the used tyres sourced from Australia are currently supplied to many different countries.


Our team at Used Tyres Australia is truly passionate about finding a Reusable or Retreadable market for a tyre which otherwise would be shredded, baled or landfilled. UTA currently provides a substantial number of jobs to the Australian market through tyre salvaging, which otherwise would not exists.



Used Tyres Australia business enterprise commitment to the customer, is to provide you with products and service that will exceed your expectations and exceed that available from the competition.



We understand Quality and continually strive in committing to our customers with great brands and exceptional customer service. Due to our technical detail in the sourcing process we ensure sustainable and optimal performance capabilities of our products.


Used Tyres Australia currently supplies a very large range of sizes and quality of used tyres to the retreding and second hand markets across the globe.

Our large range of products and quality, combined with strategic links formed with other leaders in the industry.

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